How to Report PUBG Cheaters

Pubg cheaters. if you really want how to report Pubg cheaters so here are you in the right place I will tell you how to report Pubg can find Pubg cheaters during playing game and report them.

Hello friends today i will tell you how to report pubg cheaters if you were killed by a pubg cheater

How to report Pubg Cheaters

first of all, before the game starts, I mean in your game lobby you have to see Right side in the bottom you will find a drop up button if you do not understand what is drop up button so below see in the screenshot

Click on this button you have seen a new box like this

.click on on report option you will see two option you have to click below other option and describe about pubg cheater and copy pubg cheater id code from his profile and paste there then report him

simply go your friend list select a friend that’s cheating with you and copy his id code then go report option and click on other option past there id code and tell him this hacker or cheater and click on below submit button

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