iPhone Data Transfer PC iTunes and iPad backup Content To PC iTunes

iPhone data transfer pc iTunes and iPad backup content to pc iTunes, Today we tell you how to data transfer pc iTune iPad backup content to pc iTune with an easy method

iPhone data transfer pc iTunes

Want to iPhone backup iPhone music and videos to PC? Copy iPhone contents to iTunes? Want to transfer files from computer to your iPhone? For many Apple iPhone users, they are always above iPhone Faced with data transfer conditions. When faced with these issues, you will need a professional iPhone file transfer tool to help you. I give you a professional iPhone file transfer tool We recommend: FoneTrans, which allows you to make any data transfer between iPhone and PC, iPhone, and iTunes easily and conveniently. As we all know, we can transfer files from iTunes to the iPhone while not the back way. Thus we help us if we want to backup songs For you will need backup iPhone to PC program, photos, and movies from iPhone to PC with iTunes. Here, you can try Aiseesoft FoneTrans iPhone data transfer, which is like photo backup Can be files, songs, movies, TV shows, and podcasts from your iPhone to PC and vice versa. In addition, you can also transfer data from iPhone to iTunes. You are an iPhone user If so, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S (many), iPhone 6 (many), iPhone 5S/5C/5 iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 6 (2015 version), iPod touch 4/5, You can turn help to PC tools into our iPhone backup will now show you how to perform iPhone backup step by step iPhone data transfer procedure. You can learn how to transfer music, photos, videos, and many other files between PC, iPhone. And iTunes.follow me download the Aiseesoft FoneTrans free trial version iPhone Data Transfer.

Step 1: Connect iPhone backup to pc

First, install and launch the Aiseesoft iPhone Data Transfer Tool on your computer. After that, please connect your PC and iPhone via USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected automatically and all files will appear in the device list on the left.


Step 2: iPhone Backup transfer pc iPhone data

After that, you can mark the files you want to transfer from iPhone to PC. After this, click the button “Export check files locally” Save these files on your computer You need to select the folder where you want to save them. And the iPhone Data Transfer Tool will automatically start transferring iPhone backup files to PC.

Part 2: transfer music/video/photo from PC to iPhone

Step 1: Open iPhone Data Transfer application connect iPhone to computer

First, you need to install the iPhone File Transfer Tool on your computer and run it. Then connect your PC and iPhone.

Step 2: Transfer data from PC to iPhone

Here, you should find the library/playlist to add your files. After this, click the button “PC to iPhone” and you will see a drop-down list. Just select the “Add files to list” button. Then select the files you want to transfer and start the transfer to your iPhone backup
Note: Step, if you just want to add all the files in a folder, you have to select the button “Add Folder to List” after clicking on the drop-down list “PC to iPhone”. Find folders, transfer all files to your iPhone backup

Part 3: transfer music/video/photo from iPhone to iTunes library

When you want this, run the Aiseesoft iPhone Data Transfer Tool you do and after connecting the iPhone to your PC, mark the files you want to transfer in the file list. Then click the button. Start the “iPhone to iTunes” process. Try this wonderful Aiseesoft FoneTrans download for yourself


How to Transfer iPad backup to new iTune


No denying the fact that iTunes is good at transferring music. However, it seems helpless when it comes to photos, videos, or message transfers. You really back up your iPad content to a new iTunes In fact, it’s not that harder than you imagine. Instead of the exact opposite, achieving it is very easy. All you need is a professional iPad to help you. It is a magic tool. I highly recommend FoneTrans to you. Just as its name suggests, this tool is pretty magical to empower you to perform iPad data transfer with one click. No matter how you touch it, text messages, photos, or music on your iPad, you name it, FoneTrans has the ability to transfer to iTunes and other places. How amazing this iPad Magic tool could be. Here comes a step-by-step guide on how to transfer iPad contents to iTunes. Only use a few seconds and learn how you can achieve that way.

Step 1: Start your PC FoneTrans

First of all first, you need to download and install this iPad into the iTunes program on your computer. After installation, double click the quick start icon on your desktop to launch this tool Of course, you need to install iTunes on your PC in advance.

Step 2: Plug your iPad into an electrical outlet on your PC

Then the main window of this tool will pop up. Just plug your iPad into your PC via USB cable. Once successfully detected, your device will appear in the main window. Playlists and Open the library and select the item you want to transfer. As long as you are, it is allowed to transfer the item as it is displayed in the interface.


Step 3:Transfer iPad Content and data to iTunes

If everything is all set, press the “Export check files to iTunes” button. Then, open iTunes and the program will start exporting items to iTunes. As listed in the interface, you 1 You can export all these files to iTunes in one click. At once, this job is done by this tool.Well done! It’s as easy as transferring data from iPad to iTunes. In this way, download FoneTrans now and launch the amazing app on your iTunes journey.


I have tried all method and explain you step by step

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