Best Video Doorbells to Keep Your Home Safe


Every person wants to secure their home, And for this, various gadgets are introduced in the market on a daily basis. Today I will tell you about a gadget that will be very useful for the security of your home. This gadget is “Arlo Video Doorbell”. This device is also called a Wi-Fi doorbell, use a camera, speaker, microphone, motion sensor, and an internet connection to detect activity on your doorstep. This bell will be connected to your phone using Wi-Fi. It will keep you up to date on any mobile connection. This bell will record all data which you can see later. This will be discussed in more detail below.

We use good gadgets ourselves and recommend good gadgets to others, that’s why we use them first and then tell you about them. There are too many video doorbells. But out of all these we have chosen Arlo Video Doorbell.

However, there are as many different needs out there as there are door knockers, so read on to see which doorbell is the right fit for you.

If you are using an old wired smart doorbell you can replace it with a new bell. Wired smart doorbell work on battery. There is a big issue with that device, after a day or two, the battery runs out. Of course, the battery gets recharged. But it has to be charged again and again. The advantage of the Arlo Video Doorbell is that it does not have to be charged again and again. It works on electricity. This will not require you to charge the battery. And your bell lifetime will continue. And usually, there is a problem that the door does not open until you open the lock yourself. With this device, you can log in and unlock the door from your mobile.

Video quality:

Older devices also have a problem with the video. Sometimes you are tired and resting due to overwork and someone comes to the door and rings the bell. But you don’t know who came because you don’t have a good camera. With this camera, you can record videos in 1080p HD resolution. And you can also zoom images or videos.

Don’t fall for cloud storage subscriptions:

Older devices also have the problem that you had to do cloud storage subscriptions to see the recordings of days gone by. But now there will be no such problem in this device. This device will save your data for 30 days. Which you can access any time.

Smart features:

  • HD Video with HDR and Night vision.
  • Human Motion Diction.
  • Night Vision
  • 180 Viewing angles
  • 2 Way audio (Send and Receive voice)
  • Don’t recorded neighbors

Similar video doorbell gadgets with price:

  • Our choice for the best doorbell: Arlo Video Doorbell
  • Best if money’s no object: Google’s Nest Hello
  • Best for privacy: Eufy Video Doorbell 2K
  • Best budget doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell
  • Best battery-powered doorbell: Ring 3 Plus
  • Our pick for renters or flat dwellers: Ring Door View Cam
  • Best smart doorbell and smart door lock combination: August View

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