The 6 Best Small Games for Android Device in 2020

Some people can’t afford the high mobile. They use small android mobiles (due to some reasons) and they want to play on their mobile. Due to low storage and bad performance of mobile they cannot play the games.  Even if they install the game on their mobile, their mobile hanged. So, today I will share some such games with you Which you can also use on your small mobile. The following games can be played offline. Let’s get started

                1) Archery:

                                This is the most interesting game. If you love to make a target, then you should have to play this game. There are many versions of this game. This game is also available in 3D, but small mobiles are not sported 3d game. you can install an older version of this game. Older versions will work properly on a small device. All versions are available on Google Play Store. You can easily install it from the Play store.

Here are some images for this game.

                2) Knock Down:

                                Knock Down is a small and amazing game. this game is quite similar to an angry bird, but the difference between them is that in the angry birds you will get some birds to destroy objects and in Knock Down game you will get some balls to destroy the object. Also, this game has alternative features. This game no required an internet connection. This game is available on Google Play Store.

                3) Block Puzzle

                                Block Puzzle is a simple and interesting game. As the name suggests, this is a puzzle game. Adults as well as young children now play it with great interest. In this game, all you have to do is connect the blocks in one order. This is the simplest game, needless to say about this game. if you want to get more information you can check from Google or Google Play Store.

                4) Unblock Me Free:

                                Unblock Me Free is really an exciting game. This game is not required an internet connection. In this game, you should have to unblock a targeted block. This game will train your brain in a very good way. You will feel relax after play this game. There are many similar games on the Play Store. This game will easily play on small mobiles. Here is the picture of this game.

                5) Flow Free or connect the dots:

Flow Free or connect the dots this is a most interesting and simple game. in this game, you should have to connect the same color dots with each other. This is a very colorful and simple game. you have not needed an internet connection. You can play all levels without the internet. This is a 100 % free game, which is available on Google Play Store. Here is the image of this game.

                6) fruit slice game”:

                                fruit slice game is a special game for kids. Which is very interesting. In this game, you should have to cut the fruits. You should have to cut the fruits according to the task. There are many other games of this game that are available on the Play store. This game is completely free.

Here is an image for this game.

Here is a list of games. If you like this post then comment me. We will post the second list of mobile games. If you have any questions you can comment on me.

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