Top 5 Advance GPs Watches

Today is the time of technology. Every day something new is being introduced. And new things are being advanced. This technology has made our lives much easier. In today’s post, I will tell you about 5 great watches. And the funny thing is that all these watches are available on Amazon. Let’s get started

                1) Apple Watch Series 5:

                                This watch was released on September 2019. A dual-core 64-bit processor is installed in it. You can say that there is a small pc in the form of a watch. This watch is also water-resistant. There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPs, Second-generation optical heart sensors are installed. This watch has the ability to store 32 GB of data.

System Requirement:

                This watch requires some Requirement for work properly. The requirement are given follow.

This watch requires iPhone 6s or latest.

If you want to get more information you can visit the following link

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                2) POLAR Grit X – Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

                This is a special watch. Basically, this watch was design on Military stander. This watch will tell you the direction as well as the time. This feature is designed to help you find your way around in case you get lost. In order to get more information, Click here

You can check weather, temperature, and your body temperature.

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                3) Forerunner 945

                                This watch is most interesting. This can be very useful for you if you traveler. This watch will show you map, reminder and so many things as will as time. You can enjoy music on it. When you will charge the battery, the battery can be use for 10 hours with using music and GPs. This watch is water resistant. You can check your hear beet with this watch.

It will also show you Google Maps if you connect it to your mobile. To get more information Click here (there is an official website link)

You can but this watch from there official website and amazon. If you want to but from amazon. Click here

                4) APEX Premium Multisport GPS Watch:

                                This is the most advanced watch. You can say that this is your personal tutor. This watch is very useful for running or exercising practice. You can set your goal and this watch will show your live performance, like your speed, your body temperature, your stamina, and the total distance you have covered, etc. there are many advantages of this watch. If you want to get more information Click Here. (Official website link)

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                5) Forerunner 245 GPS Running Smart watch:

This is a special smartwatch, which will be very useful for your running training. It will tell you about your health. And it will also tell if there is an overload on your body from this exercise. This watch is also water resistant. This watch has built-in sports Apps, like a treadmill. Pool swimming, cycling, etc. there is a Pulse Ox Sensor installed in it. If you will connect this watch to your phone via a mobile app, you can receive messages and calls on the watch screen.

 If you want to buy this watch you can buy from their official website and amazon. In order to visit the official website Click Here.

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So, there was a list of watches. I hope you will be like this post. If you have any questions you can comment on me.

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