Top 5 Trending Android Games 2020

Today is a time of technology and gaming. Each small child likes to play games. There are new games are introducing day by day. Some games are not liked much, but some games are most liked in the world especially children like these games. And sometimes the children take these games too seriously, this attitude caused them to bang these games. In this post, I will discuss the 5 most trending mobiles games. Which are still popular and playing daily.


Pubg is an adventure, action, and killer game. This game is currently the most played in the world. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is an online game in which multi-players can play this game. The player can join with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you don’t have these accounts you can join with a gust account. This game consists of 3 different modes, and each mode has different modes. The basic modes are Classic, Other, custom, and Arcade. This game is available for Android, Microsoft Window, iOS, Xbox One, and play station.

You can download from the Google play store for play on mobile. A lite version is also available for small mobiles.

  • Call of Duty:

This game is similar to the Pubg game. This game was released on 29 October 2002. And last updated on 25 October 2019. On the Google play store, this game is downloaded for 50,000,000+ times. This game is also an adventure, action, and a killer game. This game is played online and you can join this game with Facebook and gust account. This game is available on Android, Microsoft Window, iOS, Xbox, Xbox 360.

You can download from the Google play store for play on mobile. A lite version is also available for small mobiles.

  • Asphalt 9: Legends:

This is a car racing game. In this game, you will see very beautiful designed cars. This game has 4.5 ratings on the Google play store.  You can play lonely, and you can compete with other cars. You can use the lonely mode for your practice. You will get an extra score on every log jump. When you will win the game you will get a reward. You can buy another car or upgrade your car like engine or speed.

You can check from this picture that this game has been downloaded much time. You can check the comments on this game.

  • yalla ludo ludo&domino:

This is a ludo game. This is a little different from other Ludo games. In this game, you can play online with your Facebook friends. You can also play the Tournament with your friend. This game is also available offline. More advantage is that you can play online games as well as chat. You can also do audio and text chat. You can also turn off and on the mic yourself and others during the game.

  • Critical Ops Multi player game:

This is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. This game was released in September 2015. This game is not available for pc, but this game is available for Android iOS phones. Critical Ops game is a fighting game but there is a little difference between them. Basic rules are the same as Critical Ops and Pubg game, but you can’t play this game online.

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